Why MMA is One of the Best Ways to Keep Fit

MMA or mixed martial arts is one of the top ways to keep fit these days, the sport has taken off and gone from something of an unknown to a popular sight in many gyms and has even worked its way into video games and television, the sport is becoming mainstream, and we’re going to […]

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Introducing Kuai Biometric Headphones

Once in a while a really exciting new project crops up on crowdfunding sites, and this is definitely one of them. Many smartphones, watches and other devices have provided us with help for our exercise and sporting activities but none of them quite to the extent of this, the Kuai. They’re called Biometric headphones but […]

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A guide to Taking up Kickboxing

In the modern age there are a huge amount of sports for us to try and get to grips with, influences from around the world often see new sports work their way over to the UK and beyond, and a great example of this is all the different types of boxing and fighting available, one […]

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What is Mental Rehearsal?

We live in an age where sports stars have to be more dynamic than ever to gain an edge over their opponents. Whereas 30 years ago sports science was a rarity, it is now embraced by most of the top teams in the world in all sports and can even be applied an an amateur […]

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The Best Way to Watch Rugby Online

Rugby is a rich and vibrant sport which is played in multiple parts of the world. It’s a noble game dating back hundreds of years and, like so many sports, originated in the UK, where it can be watched on lots of the television networks. Rugby is not so easy to watch in some parts […]

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Best Cycling Locations 2015

For the avid cyclist, there are few better feelings than combining this hobby with travel. Cycling is a worldwide phenomenon and there are so many opportunities to get out there, meet new people and explore new places on your bike. Whether you’re looking to branch out and explore the world or tone up your cycling […]

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The Best Pre-Match Foods for Footballers

It is so important in any sport to eat right and look after yourself, gone are the days of a pre match fry up, especially for professionals, and the age of the nutritionist is well and truly upon us. What we eat before taking to the pitch can have a massive impact on performance, which […]

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Visiting Monaco Grand Prix

#144827333 / gettyimages.com Run since 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most important events on the racing circuit. Nothing short of iconic, the race is famous for being won 6 times by Ayrton Senna, five of which were in a row, an incredible feat for the Argentinian. As well as being an […]

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How to Book A Soccer Field in Singapore

Football (or soccer, as many will call it) is the biggest sport in the world, with a huge following in south america, the whole of Europe and Africa and in other parts of the world it is growing rapidly, south east Asia being one of those parts of the world. Singapore is going mad for […]

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Ways to Watch the World Cup

The time is almost upon us, the world cup, the world’s most famous and arguably most exciting sporting event is nearly here as it prepares to return to its spiritual home, Brazil, the team who have won the tournament more than any. One of the problems the world cup throws up is the timing of […]

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