The Best Pre-Match Foods for Footballers

bananaIt is so important in any sport to eat right and look after yourself, gone are the days of a pre match fry up, especially for professionals, and the age of the nutritionist is well and truly upon us. What we eat before taking to the pitch can have a massive impact on performance, which is why we’re taking a look at the best foods to eat before a big game.

Rice Pudding – Rice Pudding is a great choice for some sustenance before a game, it is full of carbs, but that doesn’t always help, in this case, because they are slow release, your body will be feeling the benefits for some time, great for a long football match.

Bananas – keeping it light and fruity, a banana has a similar effect in that it releases its carbs into the body pretty slowly.

Meal Replacement or Energy Bars – designed to be low GI and not cause a spike in your body sugars, but give your body the boost it needs in long haul exercise, something like clif bars before a game are great for this, a really healthy football snack, organic and designed with sports in mind, especially longer workouts such as a footy match.

Jaffa Cakes – for something that can be easily found at the supermarket, jaffa cakes are said to be very helpful in giving a short term boost

Energy Drinks – they’re more commonly used by students for staying awake these days but can be very helpful for sports! That is what they were designed for after all!


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