Surfing in Maui, Hawaii

beach-1630540_640Surfing is not just a hobby for a lot of people, it is almost a religion. The image of surfers in the media has grown and grown, and more and more people want to give it a go. Those who do flock to Hawaii, which is one of the most amazing venues to learn to surf and its second biggest island Maui is one of the windiest areas and throws up some amazing (if a bit challenging) waves. What are the benefits then of surfing or even taking surfing lessons on Maui?

The water in beautiful Maui stays warm year round. It can get a little more chilly in the winter with the wind picking up, but not too uncomfortable. The sea here is additionally absolutely crystaline and looks stunning. Maui water is truly spotless and looks like a postcard scene. The clarity offers you an opportunity to even enjoy tropical fish and an amazingly lively reef underneath while you surf. Amid whale season, you can you may even be lucky enough to spot some.

Numerous surf spots are also packed with turtles, which can likewise be amazing to see or even photograph, so make sure you pack your gopro or other camera. Maui is great for surfing as you’re never too far away from a coast with surf resorts.  Having Kauai, another famous island, so close by is likewise a noteworthy reason to head to the island, and you can also surf there.

Maui is an amazing holiday and surfing there is something you will remember for your whole life, so you may as well do it properly with some lessons!


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