Best Cycling Locations 2015

cyclingFor the avid cyclist, there are few better feelings than combining this hobby with travel. Cycling is a worldwide phenomenon and there are so many opportunities to get out there, meet new people and explore new places on your bike. Whether you’re looking to branch out and explore the world or tone up your cycling and improve your times with a professional coach, the opportunities are out there.


Tuscany is well known for many reasons, but did you know that it is one of the greatest places to go cycling? The terrain is interesting and challenging, and the landscapes are truly stunning, just be sure you don’t go overboard on the tuscan wine in between!

Alpe D’Huez

It is on the tour de france cycling tour for a reason, a stunning eight mile climb that is a great challenge, but an attainable one, with an average grade of 8 percent, this can be done by the moderately good cyclists out there!


Long a tourist hotspot in Europe, mallorca is a beautiful island and cycling is growing there, 2015 cycling training camps Mallorca are a good way to learn from the pros and experienced riders whilst soaking up the atmosphere and staying in some lovely accommodation in this mediterranean paradise. Perfect if you’re training for something like a charity ride.

So there we have it, some top european cycling locations to head for in 2015, some of which have guides and package deals available to take all the hassle out of it. Enjoy your ride!


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