What is Mental Rehearsal?

We live in an age where sports stars have to be more dynamic than ever to gain an edge over their opponents. Whereas 30 years ago sports science was a rarity, it is now embraced by most of the top teams in the world in all sports and can even be applied an an amateur level. One of the techniques used most commonly is mental rehearsal, so what is it all about?

Mental rehearsal is the act of playing through a scenario in your head before it takes place, it is different from a physical rehearsal as you’re not actually doing the actions but studies have even suggested the muscle memory is helped by doing this. There is little doubting that this visualisation technique helps. An example would be a penalty kick in soccer. Let’s say you need to take a penalty, before stepping up you rehearse in your mind over and over where you are going to put it, helping you by having a clear decision and direction and allowing you to go into the kick with more confidence.

This technique can be used for simple skills, sticking with the soccer analogy, something like passing the ball, or it can be used to visualise game scenarios and situation and what you will do when faced with those challenges. Mental rehearsal should be done before you take to a field, or even in bed at night, in a quiet room the day before a match, or whenever works best for your particular sporting challenge. Putting it into practice can definitely help your performance.

The Best Way to Watch Rugby Online

rugby-1-367955-mRugby is a rich and vibrant sport which is played in multiple parts of the world. It’s a noble game dating back hundreds of years and, like so many sports, originated in the UK, where it can be watched on lots of the television networks.

Rugby is not so easy to watch in some parts of the world, and though it is played a lot in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and more parts of Europe aside from the UK, it isn’t easy to find in some parts of the world, and even if it is, you may still want to look for the most convenient way to watch it online via a rugby live stream.

2015 is going to be full of exciting Rugby, we have a world cup to look forward to, the six nations, tri nations and lots of domestic rugby. A membership to rugby online stream could be your answer to make sure you don’t miss a try! Featuring global coverage, extremely impressive and professional HD coverage of a huge range of worldwide rugby fixtures and some great offers on membership prices, especially if you go for a long term membership, this could be the answer for all rugby lovers out there, whether you’re in the UK, America or anywhere else in the world.

In a world of online streaming, there are often ways and means to find the sports you want to watch, and when it comes to rugby, this one centralized hub will have all of your needs covered.

Best Cycling Locations 2015

cyclingFor the avid cyclist, there are few better feelings than combining this hobby with travel. Cycling is a worldwide phenomenon and there are so many opportunities to get out there, meet new people and explore new places on your bike. Whether you’re looking to branch out and explore the world or tone up your cycling and improve your times with a professional coach, the opportunities are out there.


Tuscany is well known for many reasons, but did you know that it is one of the greatest places to go cycling? The terrain is interesting and challenging, and the landscapes are truly stunning, just be sure you don’t go overboard on the tuscan wine in between!

Alpe D’Huez

It is on the tour de france cycling tour for a reason, a stunning eight mile climb that is a great challenge, but an attainable one, with an average grade of 8 percent, this can be done by the moderately good cyclists out there!


Long a tourist hotspot in Europe, mallorca is a beautiful island and cycling is growing there, 2015 cycling training camps Mallorca are a good way to learn from the pros and experienced riders whilst soaking up the atmosphere and staying in some lovely accommodation in this mediterranean paradise. Perfect if you’re training for something like a charity ride.

So there we have it, some top european cycling locations to head for in 2015, some of which have guides and package deals available to take all the hassle out of it. Enjoy your ride!

The Best Pre-Match Foods for Footballers

bananaIt is so important in any sport to eat right and look after yourself, gone are the days of a pre match fry up, especially for professionals, and the age of the nutritionist is well and truly upon us. What we eat before taking to the pitch can have a massive impact on performance, which is why we’re taking a look at the best foods to eat before a big game.

Rice Pudding – Rice Pudding is a great choice for some sustenance before a game, it is full of carbs, but that doesn’t always help, in this case, because they are slow release, your body will be feeling the benefits for some time, great for a long football match.

Bananas – keeping it light and fruity, a banana has a similar effect in that it releases its carbs into the body pretty slowly.

Meal Replacement or Energy Bars – designed to be low GI and not cause a spike in your body sugars, but give your body the boost it needs in long haul exercise, something like clif bars before a game are great for this, a really healthy football snack, organic and designed with sports in mind, especially longer workouts such as a footy match.

Jaffa Cakes – for something that can be easily found at the supermarket, jaffa cakes are said to be very helpful in giving a short term boost

Energy Drinks – they’re more commonly used by students for staying awake these days but can be very helpful for sports! That is what they were designed for after all!

Visiting Monaco Grand Prix

Run since 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most important events on the racing circuit. Nothing short of iconic, the race is famous for being won 6 times by Ayrton Senna, five of which were in a row, an incredible feat for the Argentinian.

As well as being an iconic sporting event, Monaco is one of the most sought after places in Europe to visit, famous for its luxurious lifestyle, F1 Monaco has also seen many of the sports biggest names move to the famed tax haven. The monaco circuit is a beautiful one, and surrounded by a harbour with yachts and boats belonging to the rich and famous, there is no better way to enjoy the greatest of motor sports. Fortunately, there are people out there organising tours and packages that make this once in a lifetime experience even more amazing.

Everything from helicopter tours to luxury driving experiences that you can partake in yourself or with friends, there are also many luxurious hotels, penthouses and restaurants, where you’re also bound to see your share of world superstars.

Monaco truly is one of those places which will take your breath away, and the Grand Prix is the icing on the cake, whether you’re a lifelong F1 fan or just a sports fan looking for an experience, this amazing track and dramatic setting is sure to be an experience you never forget. It doesn’t come cheap, but the best things in life don’t, and trust me, this is one of the better things in life…

How to Book A Soccer Field in Singapore

chalkboard pitchFootball (or soccer, as many will call it) is the biggest sport in the world, with a huge following in south america, the whole of Europe and Africa and in other parts of the world it is growing rapidly, south east Asia being one of those parts of the world. Singapore is going mad for football and what better way is there to spend time with friends or a semi professional or amateur team playing soccer.

The main thing you need for football is somewhere to play it, whereas in South America there are pitches on the beaches everywhere and loads of people play on the streets, things are a bit more formal in Singapore, and you need to be more organised, it is tough to have a spontaneous kickaround. Fortunately, there are people out there to help, with one company in particular showing us how to book a soccer field in singapore.

Active SG is a website that lets you sign in either with email or even with a facebook profile and go ahead and book a pitch, you can see prices on there, divided into peak and off peak rates, you can book with an ewallet or your credit card, simply find the football pitch you need and the time slot you desire and make your booking, it is as simple as that, a smartphone can also complete the booking if you are already out and about.

So there you have it, the easy way to book your soccer field and enjoy your kickaround.

Ways to Watch the World Cup

spainThe time is almost upon us, the world cup, the world’s most famous and arguably most exciting sporting event is nearly here as it prepares to return to its spiritual home, Brazil, the team who have won the tournament more than any.

One of the problems the world cup throws up is the timing of the games, and watching live football matches can be tough depending on which part of the world and which time zone you are in. Luckily, this is the 21st century, and there are ways around it.

  1. On your television. The old fashioned way, this world cup is on terrestrial TV in the united kingdom and much of the rest of the world. You may get the best coverage elsewhere but the fact that you can tune in on your telly is superb.
  2. On your phone or tablet. Apps such as TV Catchup or iPlayers let us watch things on the go on our phones or tablets, make sure you have 3G or a wifi connection and you’re golden.
  3. On your laptop. Similarly, but this time we bring streaming into account via our browser. Many tablets and phones wont allow this as they dont support flash, but your laptop will. No excuses here.
  4. Cinema showings! This showcase can even be caught in some cinemas and other big screens.
  5. At a bar or pub. The social way, get your friends out for a beverage. You can bet your bottom dollar that if there’s a screen, they’ll be showing the world cup on it.

The World’s Most Valuable Footballers

zlatan_ibrahimovicEver wondered exactly who the world’s most valuable football players are? Gareth Bale’s high profile (and massive money) deal made him the first footballer to break the 100 million Euro mark, but the transfer market is a funny old place, and the fees paid for players doesn’t necessarily represent their true value.

15 Experts have worked together to create this brilliant list and graphic, which scores the players on a multitude of different areas and summises just which are the most valuable in there.

Some of the players of course write themselves, it is no surprise to see the likes of Messi and Ronaldo way up the top, but who comes in at number 3?

Just two premier league players, Suarez and Van Persie, make the top 10, which is hardly surprising when you consider the lack of dominance English teams have suffered in recent years, with top teams like Man Utd on the wane.

Incredibly, some of the top 100 are even available on free transfers! Ashley Cole has just been released along with Samuel Et0′o from Chelsea, and both make the list. Huge money transfer Neymar Jr doesn’t make the top 50.

As you would expect, there is a huge Spanish influence, and a massive amount of players from Real and Barca, and even newly crowned champions Atletico, in the list. Definitely worth checking out to see exactly who is rated this highly, and the dream teams you could make up out of these 100 truly great players who define a footballing generation.

The Importance of Football Drills


As with any sport, American Football is something that is often started at a very young age, and the importance of getting the hours of practice in is evident for those who really want to make it to the top of the game. Football is a complex sport, and there are many different positions and roles on a pitch which can be tough to get a full understanding of at a young age, but doing the correct drills and spending time practicing the fundamentals of the game can pay dividends.

Improving Agility and Strength. The sport demands that you are both strong and agile and you may be using entirely new muscles if you have just taken up the sport, improving the right areas of your body can sometimes only be done through practice, so agility and strength drills are key.

Defensive drills. Especially at a young age, the defensive aspects of the game can be tough to grasp, fortunately there are loads of defensive drills available and recommended for players to tighten up their skills in this area.

Positional Drills. As already mentioned, there are many different positions and roles in the game, and some of the drills will be more relevant to some positions than others, training at both youth and senior level can involve drills that are specific to position to improve specific skills.

For more football drills and information on the fundamentals of the game check out this blog for the top information available.

Getting a Job in Sports

sportsThere was a time where jobs in sports were extremely rare, but in the modern age we live in, sports teams can be huge global brands with requirements for everything from ground staff to marketing staff.

The structure of sports clubs mirrors that of many other entertainment industries, there are always people required to ensure that things work technically, so for instance that the stadium is up to scratch and kept safe and functioning, and coaches and more to work with the players. Behind the scenes there is an administrative side to it as well, so if this is where your skills lay then there are huge amounts of opportunities.

There are always things you can do to improve your chances of finding work in these areas. There are numerous sports related qualifications in coaching, ground maintenance and more, and you can even be educated to degree level in these subjects, so there is a need for specialists out there. In the modern age of the internet, it is easier to find jobs in sports online and chase your dream to work in one of the world’s most exciting forms of entertainment.

The benefits of working for a sports team can be anything from free tickets to fame and stardom if you play your cards right, and there are great opportunities out there for people who are fanatics or just for those who care about furthering their career. A job in anything from football to basketball, handball to tennis could be just around the corner.

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