Introducing Kuai Biometric Headphones

kuaiOnce in a while a really exciting new project crops up on crowdfunding sites, and this is definitely one of them. Many smartphones, watches and other devices have provided us with help for our exercise and sporting activities but none of them quite to the extent of this, the Kuai.

They’re called Biometric headphones but the offer so much more than this. They’re the ultimate workout buddy, and work either with smartphones and other devices or on their own.

The Kuai’s are hard wearing, built to last and come with you through even the toughest conditions, they’re even waterproof, so there are few exercise scenarios you can’t use them for. They monitor your heart rate, and can even give you a workout plan delivered into your ear while you exercise. Their technology is patented so you won’t find it anywhere else, and an impressive 8gb of memory gives this device a lot of flexibility and capacity.

One of the coolest things about the device is the social aspect, not only can you download workout plans from others, you can test yourself against friends who have the device as your respective plans and levels are tracked, and you can closely monitor your improvement over time.

In conclusion, these biometric headphones have a real next-gen feel, and are affordable as well as being useful for bikers, swimmers, runners and any other sportsperson. Click the link below to get your hands on a pair on their kickstarter campaign.

Kuai -the world’s first multisport biometric headphones. Just launched in Kickstarter for $99.


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