Visiting Monaco Grand Prix

Run since 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most important events on the racing circuit. Nothing short of iconic, the race is famous for being won 6 times by Ayrton Senna, five of which were in a row, an incredible feat for the Argentinian.

As well as being an iconic sporting event, Monaco is one of the most sought after places in Europe to visit, famous for its luxurious lifestyle, F1 Monaco has also seen many of the sports biggest names move to the famed tax haven. The monaco circuit is a beautiful one, and surrounded by a harbour with yachts and boats belonging to the rich and famous, there is no better way to enjoy the greatest of motor sports. Fortunately, there are people out there organising tours and packages that make this once in a lifetime experience even more amazing.

Everything from helicopter tours to luxury driving experiences that you can partake in yourself or with friends, there are also many luxurious hotels, penthouses and restaurants, where you’re also bound to see your share of world superstars.

Monaco truly is one of those places which will take your breath away, and the Grand Prix is the icing on the cake, whether you’re a lifelong F1 fan or just a sports fan looking for an experience, this amazing track and dramatic setting is sure to be an experience you never forget. It doesn’t come cheap, but the best things in life don’t, and trust me, this is one of the better things in life…



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