Healthy Recipes for Your World Series Party

taco-1018962_640So October 4th is National Taco day. For one of our favorite foods, why not have a special day to celebrate this wonderful creation?  How tacos originated are somewhat unknown. Taco is similar to a sandwich. So it is the bread part of our sandwiches. It may have copied itself from the wrapped sticks of gunpowder in the Mexican mines.

To obtain more really great information goesto National Taco Day. There you will find some great information about tacos, including more history and types of tacos. In fact, it was Taco Bell that pushed tacos into mainstream American culture and invented the taco shell. Americans alone consume over 4.5 billion tacos a year. Imagine what the rest of the world consumes when it comes to tacos?

Hopefully what may interest you more is some great taco recipes. You can go here to 8 Tasty Tacos for great healthy recipes that we at Nashua Nutrition would recommend. Let discuss five of them.

Soft Tacos with spicy chicken breasts replete with vinegar and spices! It is sure to be a favorite. The vinegar and olive oil make a great combination in this recipe. To make it go to Soft Taco with Spicy Chicken

For the pork lovers, there is the Pulled Pork Taco Certainly a Texan favorite with the chili spices and sour cream. Keeping it on the farm, how about the Steak Taco with Simple Guacamole? We trust that either of these will satisfy the meat lovers in your family.

Of course, who says you have to have meat to have a great tasting taco. How about Skillet Veggie Taco? All of your favorite vegetables you would love to see in a taco bursting with flavor.

Lastly, you cannot leave the discussion of great tasting tacos without including shrimp. This would be the Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos . Can you think of what it would taste like with morsels of great shrimp and the flavor of lime? Simply pleasing to the hungriest among us!

You can check out the other recipes, however, how about doing some of your own creations. Feel free to take a look at the Kay’s Naturals for some dishes for your tacos! Tacos are versatile enough to allow for some of the most creative ingredients to be in between a shell or wrapped in a soft taco. Get creative and have fun on National Taco Day.


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