How the NBA has Changed

basketballAll through the long history and different periods of the NBA, the consistent development of players, playing styles, and the way the game is managed and regulated has dependably made an exciting sport designed to enthrall viewers. We’re exploring just how the sport, one of the most popular in the USA, has changed over its long history.

First, the three pointer The presentation of the three-point shot started in the 70s, when the NBA changed the rules to try and liven up the sport and make things even more exciting. It wasn’t a popular decision and a lot of teams didn’t like the new rule coming in, though it has become such a huge part of the modern game.

One of the best changes seen throughout the most recent decades is the effective ascent of “small ball” as it has become known and the deviation from enormous men to smaller. The sport is now less reliant on the huge guys who are nearly 7 foot, but is more focused on athletes who are players who can smoothly switch between positions. If you look at the NBA analysis out there you will see how the game has transitioned.

Another element adding to the advancement of the NBA is the growing trend of global players being imported or just playing in their home countries. Worldwide players are often known for their skills in the group basics, as opposed to individual achievement, and players from Europe and Asia have become very popular although the majority are still USA based.


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