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Why Scott Parker is a great choice for England Captain

Today interim manager Stuart Pearce made Scott Parker England captain. How long this will last, like most things concerning the England national team is completely uncertain, but for now I believe Scott is the correct choice, in spite of not being bookies favourite for the post. Here is my reasoning:


  1. Change – the English national team is currently in a transitional period, and I’m not just talking about the resignation of Fabio Capello, I’m talking about the young players who are finding themselves in the team, or at least on the fringes of the team. Positive changes can surely only be a good thing after years of the same old s*** at Wembley, naming Steven Gerrard captain, though it would have been many peoples decision, would not have represented the same step in a new direction.
  2. Experience – I’m not just talking about minutes on the pitch here, and while Scott Parker ranks highly based on that particular criteria, it’s not the reason he is Captain. Parker has worn the armband at his last three clubs, and first did so at a young age. Captaining a club is a new responsibility and requires a certain set of skills that perhaps the likes of Joe Hart and James Milner have yet to establish in their careers.
  3. Professionalism – It’ll be nice to have a captain who isn’t linked with constant poor discipline problems or off-the-pitch scandal, wont it?
  4. Form – Scotty P is fresh off the back of being named England Player of the Year. This can only be a good thing, Scott has been performing at a brilliant level for some time now, and his consistent good form will set the best example to the younger players in the squad.

Disagree with my reasoning? I know this is a bone of contention and can see the side of the argument for Stevie G to wear the armband too. That’s what the comment box is here for, let me know what you think.

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