When Football Press Conferences Go Wrong

Football Vs. The Press. An ongoing saga as tabloid journalists and football reporters continually dig for the best story. Inspired by Eddie Mitchell’s hanging up on Sky Sports News’ questioning following the sacking of manager Lee Bradbury, we were inspired to create a collection of the best/funniest/most cringeworthy moments from football press conferences around the world.

Redknapp takes offense to Rob Palmer’s “wheeler dealer” tag. Hit a nerve, Harry?

Subtle as ever Fergie makes sure his enemies aren’t in attendance for his next press conference.

Comedy moment as Roy Keane, straight from the school of Sir Alex, questions a reporter about his phone. Made ten times more funny by the fact he doesn’t turn his phone off.

No list such as this would be complete without an appearance from Jose. The wine at Old Trafford is not up to his high standards.

There had to be some Ian in there too; here he hilariously compares football matches to going ‘out on the pull’ and after a scrappy win, he is happy to take home ‘not the best looking bird’ in the taxi.

Harry Redknpapp again. I believe this is what the kids would call getting “owned”.

If I find any more I’ll post them on the blog, but there should be enough to be getting on with there. Some much needed laughs on a Monday lunchtime.


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