What Equipment do I Need to Start Ultralight Fishing?

A lot of avid fishermen out there like to give ultralight fishing a go at some point, and as with all forms of fishing it is important to get the right equipment in place before you start. Some of the websites out there give some slightly misleading advice over what exactly is the top gear for your adventures, so, in this article we’re going to look at what you need to start.

  • A light Lure rod, ideally with a casting weight of 10 lbs, and around 7 ft in size though some are smaller. A light action spinning rod will do the job to start with while you are still developing your skills and taste in equipment.
  • A small, front drag reel.
  • A selection of lures and jigheads, around 1 to 3 g with hook sizes between a 4 and 10 on the numbering system.
  • An easy place to access fish. Sounds daft but this is the most important element to consider! We need easy access to some fish for this type of ultralight fishing.
  • A braided mainline that can handle quite a bit of pressure, if you’re looking for a budget version you could always go for a fluorocarbon line.
  • A dropnet

So there we have it, the main elements you need to start ultralight fishing. It isn’t the simplest thing in the world but it is certainly doable for anyone with a little know how and the passion to go and get started, and it can be a very rewarding area of the sport. Go ahead and get started today!


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