Weekend Predictions: 24-25 March 2012

Big weekend in the Premiership, they all are now I guess! Squeaky bum time! Here are The North Stand’s predictions for the weekend’s results:

Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham

Arsenal 2-0 Aston Villa

Bolton 2-3 Blackburn

Liverpool 1-0 Wigan

Norwich 2-1 Wolves

Sunderland 1-1 QPR

Swansea 1-2 Everton

Stoke 1-1 Man City

West Brom 1-2 Newcastle

Man U 4-1 Fulham

Couple of controversial predictions in there, I think Blackburn’s form combined with a tough week for Bolton will send the three points the away team’s way. Swansea will come a cropper against Everton and Man City will struggle against Stoke’s direct rough-and-tumble football, especially at the britannia. Leave your predictions in the comments section below!


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