The World’s Most Valuable Footballers

zlatan_ibrahimovicEver wondered exactly who the world’s most valuable football players are? Gareth Bale’s high profile (and massive money) deal made him the first footballer to break the 100 million Euro mark, but the transfer market is a funny old place, and the fees paid for players doesn’t necessarily represent their true value.

15 Experts have worked together to create this brilliant list and graphic, which scores the players on a multitude of different areas and summises just which are the most valuable in there.

Some of the players of course write themselves, it is no surprise to see the likes of Messi and Ronaldo way up the top, but who comes in at number 3?

Just two premier league players, Suarez and Van Persie, make the top 10, which is hardly surprising when you consider the lack of dominance English teams have suffered in recent years, with top teams like Man Utd on the wane.

Incredibly, some of the top 100 are even available on free transfers! Ashley Cole has just been released along with Samuel Et0’o from Chelsea, and both make the list. Huge money transfer Neymar Jr doesn’t make the top 50.

As you would expect, there is a huge Spanish influence, and a massive amount of players from Real and Barca, and even newly crowned champions Atletico, in the list. Definitely worth checking out to see exactly who is rated this highly, and the dream teams you could make up out of these 100 truly great players who define a footballing generation.


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