Ryan Giggs puts himself forward for Team GB

Ryan Giggs, who played for Wales until 2007, has expressed his eagerness to play as part of Team GB at the London Olympics. However if he does so, it will raise concerns for the nations of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, who all feel that it would diminish the necessity for them to have their own separate teams at a national level. However, Giggs is not worried by the concerns, mainly being voiced by the Welsh Football Association as he says that he is keen to be involved in the tournament atmosphere. Wales have not reached the World Cup finals since 1958, so Giggs is going elsewhere to settle his craving for the atmosphere.

Giggs has put himself forward to be considered for Team GB and he is the only Old Trafford player, over 23, to have been given permission to do so. Due to this fact, there is now the possibility that Giggs will once again be playing beside David Beckham, which has not happened since 2003. Fans of the players and even those who only watch football occasionally, preferring to play partypoker or watch films, are likely to look forward to this possible meeting. The two players have been friends for a long time and they are both very talented. Giggs began his playing career alongside Beckham, so for the two to be united again would make for exciting viewing.

In response to criticism of his move, Giggs has said that he hopes he will be able to join the team, but that it is still unclear as to whether he will end up playing or not. He just wants to be involved in a big tournament and to experience this important competition up close, however both the players’ clubs will understandably be concerned. The Premier League season begins a week after the final at the Olympics, so if the GB team were to make it all the way, the players will want to stay in top form.


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