Premier League betting: fourth place odds

Betting on who will get the Premier League fourth place is a popular option for football gambling enthusiasts, but anyone who does not have much experience of betting on football would be advised to find out more about the game before putting too much money down. This has been made much easier in recent years given the rise of the online gambling industry. Online bookmakers and casinos alike have cropped up all over the web over the past decade or so and are now highly established within the industry. Online bookmakers allow for users to place a bet through their smartphone at any time and of course they can also have a ‘betting tips’ tab open alongside that. As mentioned this isn’t just the bookmakers, but online casinos such as also share similar advantages. With apps making them portable, instead of a rare visit being made to a casino, users can now do so from wherever they wish. All the game types are there – roulettes, card games including baccarat, blackjack and of course poker; and sports fans are in luck, with a range of slots games covering almost any sport thinkable. Playing football-themed games like Game On at online casinos (which can be played for free if you aren’t quite willing to place your money down yet) enable non-football fans to familiarise themselves with the teams, players and form before starting.
If you’re not looking for anything outside of sports betting though it can also be useful to know what the odds for the various teams in contention are, as this lets you see which sides are rated the favourites for fourth place, and decide whether you want to back one of the favourites or go for a longer odds bet. In this case, the teams with the shortest odds are Arsenal and Tottenham, rated around 10/11 and 6/5 respectively at most sports betting sites. Arsenal have the prior experience while Tottenham have the financial investment, but backing either of these teams is unlikely to make you serious money – simply because the odds are not long enough. Arsenal may need to expand their squad a little though having still not completely filled the void left by Robin Van Persie.
A team such as West Bromwich Albion, currently in contention according to the league table, will present you with far longer odds – they currently have odds in the region of 80 at many sports betting sites. This reflects the fact that they have never played in the Champions League before, and were not expected to be in their current league position. Betting on West Brom would be a very risky proposition for most people though, but a team like Everton might represent a better option. You can get odds of either 7/2 or 9/2 on them at most sites, which reflects their status as being serious candidates for fourth place, but not one of the hot favourites to get it. Having enjoyed some good years under David Moyes it is likely they will be looking to provide that extra push for the much coveted 4th spot.


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