Most Exciting F1 Circuits and Locations

F1 is a huge sport in the 21st century, with huge fees paid to the drivers, television deals and sponsorship. Perhaps then it is little surprise that there is a huge global interest, and us such, the F1 tour offers some amazing locations for their races, some of which are explored below. Check out the most exciting F1 locations and circuits below:


Silverstone is a name synonymous with racing, and is undeniably one of the classic circuits, set in beautiful English scenery, in Northampton to be precise. It’s configuration was edited around 1993 but in spite of this it is still a great track, set in one of the sporting capitals of the world, England.


One of the most exciting tracks as you see the impressive skyline in the background. It often looks like something from a movie, and was the first to host an evening race! Asia’s most exciting offering to our list.


Americans love their sport and it is no different with F1, this brilliant circuit is brand new having only opened in 2012 and has been described as spectacular by the likes of Jensen Button. You can even take a tour with one of these Austin Grand Prix Packages and see it for yourself!

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Seen by many as the home of F1 and where many drivers choose to live (not only for tax reasons!). Probably the most glamorous of the races, this offers great views of the harbour and a tricky and exciting course to navigate.



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