Mancini “Does Not Trust” Balotelli

Manchester City continue to show a lack of team spirit and disruption in the camp as Roberto Mancini said in a press conference he “does not trust” Mario Balotelli, and that nobody does. The constant comparison between City and United is perhaps unfair, but inevitable nonetheless, and though Fergie does not pull any punches if his players annoy him, I certainly can’t remember such public displays of…well…bitchiness. Whilst we all know that stories of disruption do spill out amidst the constant scrutiny that Football clubs have to put up with, using your press conferences to make such derisory comments towards key players, let a lone a player who is young and needs support, seems like a strange practice.

The story came about after Mancini and Balotelli were seen having a bust-up earlier this week, as The Sun broke photos of Roberto seemingly laying into his Italian Striker on the training ground. Mario had already made the news after using his days off this week to gatecrash an Inter Milan press conference, another act that didn’t impress Mancini, who again stated that Balo needed to “grow up”.

During the press conference, Mancini continued to be faced with questions regarding the feud with Man Utd, and the press conference jibes which continue to be thrown back and forth across Manchester. It never has been wise to pick a fight with Sir Alex, and in this case he certainly seems to be getting the better of his opposition as United continue to show unity while City seem to fall apart off the pitch. On the pitch, this weekend sees City take on Sunderland in what will be a very tough game as they hope to continue their brilliant home form. On Monday night, United will look to cement their place at the top with their match against Blackburn. That fateful tie at the end of April draws ever closer…


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