How to Start Teaching Netball to Kids

netballPlaying netball is a fun and effective way for children to stay fit and goes a long way to teaching children to cooperate as a group. The absolute best approach to offer children to ace their first taste of netball is to give some assistance by running netball practices that are intended for youthful players.

On this page we’ve assembled a guide for netball training for youngsters, and where you can go for netball passing drills educating kids about throwing to each other, and other drills for attacking and defending and everything else in the wonderful world of netball!

It’s essential that children warm their bodies up prior to a session of netball to get their body moving and their blood running. A simple however powerful method of doing this is to have the children do a run around the pitch at pace and then continue with a few stretches including star jumps and other muscle stretches.

The next thing you can do is get them to pass the ball to one another in a non competitive way. This basic but successful netball drill for children will help youngsters to add to their precision and power while tossing the ball.

To get the kids going with the pass and receive drill all you need to do is get the students to buddy up, and set either a timer or an amount of passes they have to complete for each other.

There are many resources online where you can find many more exciting and fun ways to teach netball, which can be a great fun activity for boys and girls alike at any age.


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