How to Get Started Playing Tennis

Tennis is a global sport, make no mistake. Played and watched on every continent and with television deals in all corners of the world broadcasting the top tournaments into millions of homes. The sport is usually played individually though doubles is also popular, and if you’re serious about the game, there’s even a lot of money to be made on pro and semi pro circuits.

So what are the best ways to get started in the game, and where should beginners go, or what should they do, to begin building tennis skills.

Watch the Sport

This sounds pretty basic but one of the main ways humans learn is through watching, and if you are an absolute beginner this will help you to gain a grasp on the way the sport works, the scoring system, types of shots and skills involved.

Read Books

There are some awesome books out there about tennis techniques and though we consume a lot of our information digitally nowadays a good book is as good a method as any to increase your abilities and get started.

Join a Club

Tennis clubs are very popular in some parts of the world and if you’re lucky enough to be near one, I suggest you join for access to equipment, coaches and opponents! There’s no better way than playing the game.

Online Resources

There are many great online resources such as Tennis Blog which will show you the best equipment, give some top tips and teach you about current tennis professionals.


All of these methods can help you out immensely on your journey to start playing tennis, but the best tip is just to pick a route into the sport and get started.


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