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Grant Holt for England

10 Reasons why the big man should be included in the next England squad. He has impressed for Norwich and proved he can do it against the big boys this season. Performances that deserve international recognition and a place in the Euro 2012 squad if you ask me. Grant Holt for England.


  1. Holt has averaged more than a goal every two games for Norwich.
  2. He is the joint second highest English goalscorer in the premiership this season. More goals than Bent, Welbeck, Crouch, Campbell, Defoe, Carroll, Zamora, Agbonlahor and Sturridge.
  3. He has scored against Liverpool, Man United and Chelsea this season.
  4. He used to be a tyre fitter.
  5. The moustache.
  6. Holt is a big burly traditional English centre forward, he can header the ball. Yes, HEADER. It’s been a while…
  7. He is Grant Holt.
  8. He is rumoured to be made out of steel and iron, and has left many defenders who have tried to push, tackle or barge into him with bruises and more.
  9. This
  10. He is Grant Holt.


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