Football Anthems

Football and Music have gone hand in hand for many a year now. Songs are played before matches, sang during matches, and played over the montage sequences and highlights after matches. The relationship between the two has brought the world an array of football anthems, songs we see cropping up in our beautiful game over and over again. We’ve collected the best of them here. Download them to get yourself in the mood for the next big game!

Republica – Ready to Go – This thumping tune has been played as the ‘coming onto the pitch’ music at many grounds in the UK as well as being on the official Euro 2000 album. The song was also played on Sky Sports News’ opening sequence from 2005 to 2007.

The Farm – All Together Now – You’ll recognise this as being rereleased for almost every National tournament, the song was also released to accompany an Everton Cup campaign and will no doubt continue to make money for the band for many a year because of us footy fans!

Baddiel and Skinner – Three Lions – This one simply had to get on the list. Every England fan will be used to this song being wheeled out for major tournaments, an anthem for the English and a solid pay cheque for the comedians every couple of years.

Collapsed Lung – Eat My Goal – For obvious reasons! Another upbeat tune that has accompanied montage sequences everywhere.

World In Motion – New Order – The song that has John Barnes rapping. OF COURSE it was going to be a hit. Barnesy must regret this every day of his life…

Elvis – A Little Less Conversation – Immortalised in ‘those adverts’, one can’t help but be thrown back to footballing legends playing in a cage when you hear this classic.

Dario G – Carnival De Paris – Show me a football ground who doesn’t play this anthem before their matches and I’ll show you a football ground not worth going to! Carnival De Paris is a true classic, and is also a terrace chant for many clubs and nations.

DJ Otzi – Hey Baby – So easily adapted into a derogatory chant towards your opposition, which is perhaps the reason this song is so widely associated with football. Cheese, pure cheese.

Queen – We Are The Champions – Ahhh that end of season/tournament anthem that we all hope to hear at our matches.


If you can think of any more, I’m happy to add to the list, drop me a message or comment below! Happy listening, folks!


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