Famous West Ham Fans

West Ham are a largely followed force in London, and after the hammers’ recent promotion back to the big time, we’re celebrating with a list of the most famous West Ham fans.

Frank Bruno – The big man is a hammer, it’s official. Frank Bruno, the former heavyweight champion of the world is a big time West Ham fanatic, even though he is said to also have an affinity with Aberdeen. (Don’t ask me how the two are linked in any way, answers on a postcard?

Ray Winstone – You probably don’t need me to tell you this one. Ray Winstone, the famous hard-man and hollywood actor even appeared in an advertising campaign for one of West Ham’s kit releases. His daughter, Jaime, is also fanatical about the club.

John Cleese – One of a few comedic West Ham supporters, comedy legend John Cleese is joined on this list by…

James Cordon – Much like the character in Gavin and Stacey that made him famous, “Smithy”, Cordon is a massive Hammers fan, and has a season ticket at the club.

Matt Damon – Talk about an A – Lister. Damon talked about his love for the club in the following interview: “When I was in the UK for Saving Private Ryan, the only team they showed on TV consistently was Manchester United. But everyone on the crew assured me that was just like rooting for the New York Yankees, who I hate because I’m a huge Boston Red Sox fan. I don’t like supporting teams like Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U. I liked West Ham, though. I always try and catch one of their games when I’m over here.”

Russell Brand – Womaniser extraordinaire Russell Brand even has books published on his love for the club, and occasionally writes as a football journalist, too.

Keira Knightley – Another huge star West Ham fan. Knightley gave an interview having watched the game that saw West Ham promoted in America back in 2005 – “The atmosphere there is amazing. The games are shown at 6am and the pub is always packed.I plan on watching all the West Ham games I can this season. We’re back in the Premiership and we’re going to stay up.”

Alfred Hitchcock – Cinematic legend with a cult following, Alfred Hitchcock, was born to East End Greengrocers and always followed the Hammers’ results.


Let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone and I’ll get them on the list. Catch our other famous fan lists in the links below.


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