Famous West Brom Fans

Continuing our series of famous and celebrity fans, this time we cover the followers of the baggies who you will have seen on your TV screens over the years including a few surprising famous West Brom Fans you never knew you might run into at the hawthorns.

Frank Skinner – Famously a big fan of West Brom, Frank is a long term fanatic who states his favourite moment as a Baggie “survival Sunday” when West Brom staid in the Premiership against the odds. Skinner has been interviewed in Four Four Two magazine about his relationship with the club, and has mentioned them many times in his stand up and presenting. He goes to a lot of West Brom’s home games.

Eric Clapton – A big name celebrity fan indeed, Eric lived with his grandparents as a child who were big WBA fans, a West Brom flag has even been included in the artwork to one of his albums. Eric has even been rumoured to be interested in investing in the club in the past.

Adrian Chiles – You can tell by the accent! Chiles has done his share of football presenting, too, and is a keen Baggies fan.

Julie Walters – The legendary actress says she goes to The Hawthorns at every opportunity, her family are followers of the club.

Lenny Henry – Another comedian who has been spotted on the terraces around the UK supporting the Albion. Lenny is even said to have been friends with a lot of the players once upon a time.

Ronnie Wood – The rocker may live in London, but admitted in a 2003 interview to an affection for the club, who were at the height of their powers when Ronnie was a youngster (yes, he was once a youngster).

Goran Ivanisevic – Wore his West Brom shirt for a Stella Artois challenge match in 2005 – he was said to have been introduced to the club by Stella Artois media manager David Law.


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