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Famous Aston Villa Fans

The first in our series of celebrity fans. Check out who supports your favourite team and where celebs’ allegiances lie. We’re kicking off with some famous aston villa fans.

Ian Bell – England Cricketer – Bell has been a Villa fan from a young age in spite of coming from a family of Coventry fans, he gets to Villa park whenever his busy schedule allows.

Prince William – The duke of Cambridge and second in line to the throne has given his royal support to the Villa for some years now. It is believed his following started while he was at Eton. William has even ventured into the dressing room to congratulate the players after an FA Cup semi final.

Ozzy Osbourne – Born in Aston, Osbourne used to wash cars in the club car park as a teenager and is believed to be a fan.

David Cameron – The PM is the nephew of former Villa chairman Sir William Dugdale, and was taken to his first games by Sir Will as a kid. Cameron has shown his support  publicly on several occasions including an appearance on BBC’s predictions show, when he promised an easy 6-0 Villa win over Chelsea. Another prediction he’s got spot on…not…

Tom Hanks – Tom Hanks definitely has a ‘Woody’ for Villa (sorry). He announced his following of the claret and blue on the Disney channel, and has donned a Villa scarf at the Hollywood premier of Charlie Wilson’s War. Hanks has met with representatives from the club in the past who have expressed their gratitude at the following of an A-Lister.

Iain Duncan Smith – another Tory Villa fan, Iain has a season ticket at Spurs, but assures that he is a Villa fan. Hmm…

Pauline McLynn – Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted. You have to admit, that’s a pretty cool celebrity fan right there.

Lots of famous following for the Claret and Blue! Let me know if I’ve missed anyone out and I’ll be sure to add them to this prestigious list.


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