Chelsea Win The Champions League: The Facts

Chelsea went into this year’s Champions League final very much as underdogs. They had players suspended and injured, and a much weaker team than Bayern Munich, not to mention that the match (purely by coincidence) was played on Munich’s home turf, the Allianz Arena.

The most fruitful period of matches for strikers in this years champions league was the last 15 minutes, and so it proved again in the final, where Bayern took the lead in the 80th minute before Drogba’s dramatic 88th minute equaliser.

Chelsea clearly came to the Allianz with a plan to frustrate the Germans, and did so by making more blocks than any other team in any other champions league match this season. Munich dominated the match as expected with a brilliant 35 shots on goal, but were frustrated brilliantly by Chelsea’s back four.

Petr Cech dived the correct way for all six penalties yesterday, saving half of them and arguably winning his team the most prestigious club competition in football.

Juan Mata covered the most ground on the night, running 16,123 metres. Bastian Schweinsteiger was Bayern Munich’s hardest worker on the night.

Chelsea became the first team from London to win the Champions League. That’s not the only record they took last night, as they became only the second English team to beat Munich in Munich, the first being Norwich City back in the 90s.

All in all, perhaps the best evening in Chelsea’s history, led to the trophy by club playing legend Roberto Di Matteo, who now will surely be in contention to take over the helm at the London club permanently. Chelsea were without John Terry, Branoslav Ivanovic and Raul Meireles. Not only was it a great night for Chelsea, but for all the English mutuals (and not Tottenham fans), as a sense of patriotism gripped the nation ready for a huge sporting event against the Germans.

Congratulations to Chelsea on what has been an incredible journey under their temporary boss.


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