Carlos Tevez – Hero or Villain?

Carlos Tevez just can’t stay away from the headlines can he? A return to form after his infamous row with Roberto Mancini and debate is once again sparked regarding his importance to the club, and his integrity.

Mike Summerbee offered his punditry skills (and I use the term ‘skills’ very loosely) today as Man City thrashed Norwich 6-1 at Carrow Road, and went so far as to call Carlos a ‘lovely man’. I’m not sure even City’s fans would agree with that statement, let alone the rest of the footballing world. To make matters worse, Tevez’s celebration after completing his brilliant hat trick was a golf swing action in front of the Man City fans; was he mocking them after his five months spent playing golf in recent months while City paid his wages. Carlos then snatched his man of the match award and refused to be interviewed in the post match interview. Summerbee defended his actions.

It must be difficult as a Manchester City fan, you can’t exactly keep a player who scores you so many goals in the dog-house, though I’m sure many fans still don’t like seeing him pull on the shirt considering the disloyalty he has shown towards the club. Tevez is a real talent, make no mistake about it, but much like Balotelli, he seems to be one of many liabilities within the Man City ranks. Putting myself in the position of a supporter, I don’t know just how I would feel about my talisman, but I know that being on the other end of the spectrum (a Norwich fan), the loyalty and hard-work of the players I watch every week is what makes them fan favourites. There aren’t many squads in the world that Tevez wouldn’t improve, but should a player, or a man, be forgiven after such displays of unprofessional behavior?

Carlos is a true talent, and we have seen examples in the past of players going from villains to heroes, but unless he starts to show a bit more respect, no matter how much ability he has he will surely continue to lose credibility.


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