Best Sports Stadiums in Sydney

Sydney is famous around the world for so many reasons, it is a centre for arts and culture as well as being architecturally and naturally stunning. If Bondi beach and the opera house are to be swapped for watching the sports of Australia then you’ll be glad to know that within Sydney there are some excellent options for you, whatever your particular favourite sport.

Concord Oval

Slightly outdated these days but the concord oval, rebuilt for the 1987 Rugby world cup, this was used for both Rugby Union and Rugby league and is geographically very well positioned in the city.

Sydney Cricket Ground

Cricket is a huge sport in Australia, and historically one of the games the Aussies are most successful at. Sydney cricket ground is central, has a huge capacity of almost 50,000 and as well as playing host to cricket is also popular for other purposes such as gigs, the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel and Elton John, Michael Jackson, the Eagles, Prince, Green Day and more have played the venue, which has also hosted rugby and more.

The Allianz Stadium

Not to be confused with the German Allianz Arena, this is another whopper of a stadium with 44,000 seats within. It’s very close to Sydney cricket ground and has been used for many different sports.

The Olympic Park

We all remember the Sydney olympics, and there were some huge developments at the time in the world of sports, meaning that the olympic park’s facilities still remain as a great place to hold events within the city.


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