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Arsene Wenger: Best Bargain Signings

The papers today have broken the news that Arsene Wenger could be left with a transfer kitty of just £10 million to spend this summer, on a squad that undeniably needs work if it’s to compete with the big boys. Of course, his coffers could be boosted by the sale of a certain flying Dutchman, though the Arsenal fans will have fingers and toes crossed that this is not the case.

Of course, this got us thinking just what can Arsene do with £10 million. He does love a bargain signing, in fact you could argue that he’s made a career out of them. Here are some of his best.

Kolo Toure – £150k – To say Kolo Toure was plucked from obscurity would be an understatement. When the Arsenal scouts found him he was playing for the Ivorian club ASEC Mimosa (no, we haven’t heard of them either), he impressed on a trial and cost just £150,000 when signed permanently. He played 225 games for the club, so that transfer fee works out at less than £700 a match. Pretty good business, hey?

Cesc Fabregas – £500k – Cesc cost a rumoured half million when he signed for the club in 2003, and before he had turned 18 was an Arsenal regular. You don’t need me to tell you that he hasn’t looked back. He went on to captain the club before his big money return to Spain, and at 24 is still in the early stages of a glorious career.

Thierry Henry – £11 million – Okay, so if he does have £10 million to spend, Arsene can only buy 10/11ths of a Thierry. £11 million pounds isn’t cheap. All I will say is this; Andriy Shevchenko to Chelsea – £30 million. Arsene also made a tidy profit when he sold Thierry on, good business all round.

Robin Van Persie – £2.75 million – RVP was a snip at under 3 mill from Feyenoord. He’s approaching 100 goals for the Gunners now, and if he is sold will surely make a huge profit.

Nicolas Anelka – £500,000 –  Anelka may have played less games for Arsenal than any of the others, but was an uncovering of talent that epitomises Wenger’s transfer policy. Sold on for 44 times the amount he was purchased for.

Indeed, I’m sure it is the ‘selling on’ that worries the Arsenal faithful, who will be fearing RVP will follow the rest of the list out of the arsenal door in the summer. Arsenal can curse the outgoings of the last 10 years all they like, but at least they’ve got the best in the business when it comes to nabbing young talent. £10 million can buy Wenger a whole crop of 16 year olds who will be primed for a title challenge in…5-10 years. 😉 Just a joke Gooners, please don’t send us abusive emails.


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